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Bright Eyes Family Eye Care Specializing in Myopia and Dry Eye

Your Eye Doctor in Meridian, MS

Looking for great eye care in Meridian, MS? Bright Eyes Family Eye Care has you covered! Our friendly and professional eye doctor provides personalized eye care for the whole family.

We offer a range of eye care services to meet your needs. These include LASIK surgery co-management, emergency eye care services, and treatment for diabetes-related eye problems.

We also offer specialty services, such as myopia management, dry eye treatment, and fittings for scleral contact lenses.

Looking for the perfect pair of glasses? We have a wide selection of stylish frames and cutting-edge lenses to help you see clearly and look great! Stop by our optical to see for yourself!

Want to learn more about how we can help you see clearly and comfortably every day? Come visit our Meridian eye clinic, or give us a call at 601-693-0176, today!

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Eye Care Services In Meridian

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Dr. Tracy B. Phillips OD

Our eye care team offers comprehensive eye exams using the most cutting-edge eye care technology today. We also proudly offer dry eye treatment, myopia control, neuro-optometric rehabilitation and vision therapy. Looking to be fit for specialized contact lenses that give you ultimate comfort and crisp vision? We’ve got you covered!

Our wide selection of designer prescription glasses, reading glasses and designer sunglasses covers many of the most popular brands.

We accept a number of insurance plans to help cover your eye care costs.

What Makes Our Eye Clinic Unique?

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We use the latest cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat the cause of dry eyes.

More on Dry Eyes +

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Are you concerned about your child's myopia?' Myopia Management is the solution.

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Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease that only affects diabetics.

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dry center in Meridian

Dry Eye in Meridian, MS

Do you regularly experience dry, itchy, red or gritty-feeling eyes? You may have dry eye diseases. This condition can lower your quality of life by making daily activities like reading, sports, watching TV or driving less enjoyable. Causes of dry eye symptoms include allergies, tear quality, age, hormonal changes in women, environment and lifestyle, and medications.

Contact us to understand the cause of your dry eyes.

We are proud to offer TempSure Envi technology to our dry eye patients!

Reviews from Our Patients

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Very great service
- Aquilla P.
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Eyewear You'll Feel Great In!

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We offer a variety of high-quality eyewear made by small, independent companies.

We are always inspired by the beauty and individual spirit of handmade frames, as well as the science and technology behind eye health and improving your vision.

We ensure our employees are constantly learning and growing within this dynamic field. Not sure what frames are best for you? Our optical team is here to help you find just the right pair of glasses for you!

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